Book Review: Angels In Iron

AngelsInIronby Michael D. Pederson


Angels in Iron
Nicholas C. Prata
Arx Publishing, 292 pp.

Set in 1565, this historical drama takes a significant battle between the forces of Islam and Christianity (the Siege of Malta) and brings it intensely to life. I’ve always been an avid student of history but have never found myself particularly drawn to the Ottoman Empire. Prata, however, caught my interest immediately with his outstanding depiction of the Siege of Malta. He fully captures the reality of the situation and has no problems with portraying the bravery, sacrifice, loss, anguish, and frustration of both sides. Prata’s ability to clearly portray characters in the midst of chaotic battles is strongly reminiscent of Jeff Shaara’s series of American wars (Gone For Soldiers, Gods and Generals, et al). It’s neither science fiction nor fantasy, it’s just real history told in an entertaining fashion. I couldn’t put it down.


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