Book Review: Chromosome 6

Chromosome6by Michael D. Pederson


Chromosome 6
Robin Cook
Berkeley, 460 pp.

The king of the medical-thriller is back with his latest story of genetic engineering, organ transplants, and criminal conspiracies. lt’s not great literature but it is enjoyable. I classify Cook in the same level of genre fiction as Crichton, Clancy, or Grisham; authors you read if you’re interested in being bombarded with endless trivia concerning their fields of expertise (fortunately I am). Once again Cook sets his story in the New York City coroner’s office. This time a mafia boss is killed, his body stolen from the morgue, rediscovered (mutilated now), and found to be the recipient of a mysterious organ transplant. Not a bad plot. Unfortunately the mystery is investigated from four different avenues so the answers come too quickly and there are few surprises. Still, it’s a fun ride.


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