Book Review: Cloak of Obscurity

CloakOfObscurityby Michael D. Pederson


Cloak of Obscurity
Angela P. Wade
Self-Published, 193 pp.

I’ll be honest, I expected to read the first chapter of this book and then toss it in my “give-away” box. With a simple black and white cover and no publisher’s imprint (not even a vanity label!) I had all but written it off as a cheap hack job. (Yes, I do seem to recall hearing something in the past about not judging a book by its cover.) Imagine my surprise to discover a thrilling, yet whimsical, fantasy/mystery. Wade doesn’t fall into the trap of attempting to write a grand epic fantasy and instead settles for a shorter effort that goes a long way to bringing some fantasy back to the genre. The book proclaims itself to be “an excerpt from the memoirs of Master Edward Red Mage.” Edward is a young, carefree magician who—although being naturally talented and with important court connections—prefers to live the simple life, surrounding himself with good friends and good food. When one of those friends is accused of murder it’s up to Eddie to straighten things out. Light-hearted humor, sharp plot twists, and engaging characters make this delightful little novel a worthy read. The book can be ordered online at


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