Book Review: Dawn of Amber

DawnOfAmberby Amy Moler


Roger’s Zelazny’s The Dawn of Amber
John Gregory Betancourt
ibooks, 416 pp.

Roger’s Zelazny’s The Dawn of Amber was released in September of 2002 by John Gregory Betancourt. Having been a devoted Amber fan of many years and having read all of the books in the series a number of times, I was both curious and slightly leery. Since Zelazny’s death I believed, like many fans I am sure, that there would be no further additions to the Chronicles. So when I received a copy for Christmas I dived right in, even though I was afraid that it would prove to be a hopeless and poorly executed homage to the Amber that we’ve all fallen in love with over the years. I was very pleasantly surprised. The flavor of the read was exceedingly true to Zelazny’s original books. Just like the new Dune series, this book is a prequel, picking up with the life of Oberon (Obere) in what appears to be his early twenties. Betancourt provides a great deal of background about Oberon’s early soldiering career and the discovery that Dworkin is his father. The main plot involves Dworkin showing up for a timely rescue of sorts for Oberon. A chase through shadows leads Dworkin, Oberon, and one of his half-sisters to the castle where Dworkin lives. Oh, shades of castle Amber! There are allusions to the layout of the place that smack so vividly of Zelazny’s Amber. And the introductions of Dworkin’s numerous children (all adults) is also incredibly reminiscent of scenes with Corwin and his varied siblings, with the same sort of alliances and rivalries seen in the later generation. Perhaps most interesting to me is the essential starting point of the “pattern” through which all future Amberites will walk and how it is related to the Logrus. In somewhat traditional Zelazny style, the end of the book ties up a certain number of threads and yet leaves you with cliffhangers on a dozen more issues. The dust cover of the book proclaims this to be the first of a prequel trilogy. I’m already looking forward to the next one.


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