Book Review: Destiny’s Road

DestinysRoadby Michael D. Pederson


Destiny’s Road
Larry Niven
Tor, 433 pp.

With Destiny’s Road, Larry Niven returns to the universe of Legacy of Heorot, and Beowulf’s Children. Heorot and Beowulf document the colonization of the planet Avalon, and the settlers’ conflicts with the vicious native wildlife. Destiny’s Road starts 250 years after the colonization of the planet Destiny, a much tamer planet than Avalon. The only threat to the citizens of Destiny is a lack of naturally occurring potassium. Upon landing, the original settlers built two primary cities, and a road connecting the two. The story follows Jemmy Bloocher as he travels Destiny’s Road from one end to the other to uncover the missing history of Destiny, and to find the lost colonists of the second city. Niven tells an intriguing tale, filled with believable characters. If you like space battles and high-adventure with your science fiction, look elsewhere; however, if you prefer solid science, and well-developed characters than this is the book for you.


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