Book Review: Dragon’s Fire Wizard’s Flame

DragonsFireby Krisi Pederson


Dragon’s Fire Wizard’s Flame
Michael R. Mennenga
Dragon Moon Press, 248 pp.

Have you ever heard of a dragon with no fire? Well in this book there is a seventy-five-year-old fireless dragon named Zac. The story is about Zac going out to find his fire and finding adventures and friends along the way. What Zac didn’t know was that he was going to start an adventure in which he meets three new friends—Abraham (a moose), Jo (a squirrel), and Neft (a wizard)—finds a dragon from his childhood called Tyralus, and makes a new enemy named Erret. Zac’s parents (mom Athena and dad Ellayo) have stood up for him for his whole life and also play a role in the story. The book also talks about Zac’s crush on a beautiful dragon named Timelda. Since Zac was a fireless dragon, other dragons did not allow him to even look at her because they thought that if they got married and had kids there would be a whole chain of fireless freaks running around.

The story begins when Zac walks out of his home and sees a large creature standing there looking at him. So Zac walked closer to the creature to ask if “he knew where his fire was.” That was when he met his friend Abraham. When they met Jo they were traveling through a meadow (Jo’s meadow). On the second day they all ran into a monkey named Erret. Erret carried his own little staff because he used to be a very evil wizard but another wizard named Neft made him very weak and turned him into a monkey. Erret started taking power from Zac. Fortunately, Zac and his friends met Neft and he helped them with Erret. One day they ran into Tyralus and together Tyralus and Neft gave Zac a staff and trained him to use magic.

Neft, Zac, and Tyralus had to battle Erret and trap him in a powerless world. When they did that Zac went home and proved that he was not a freak. He and Timelda talked and Zac told her that “he could not stay but he would come to visit her a lot.”

Overall, I liked this book a lot. On a scale of one to ten I would give it a nine. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes adventures, dragons, and magic.


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