Book Review: Editorial

editorialby Michael D. Pederson


by Arthur Graham
136 pp.

Yeah, no publisher listed. You know what that means… The dreaded self-published effort. With that in mind, I flipped open the book, planning to give it my courtesy 50-page trial before tossing it in the to-be-recycled pile. And yet…

I got drawn in.

It’s definitely not a book that everyone will relate to, but there are people out there that will appreciate it. Graham takes on big topics like sexuality, politics and religion but does so in a very non-linear, stream-of-conscious type of rambling. In that sense, it reads a lot like Naked Lunch-lite. Emphasis on “lite.” There’s no way that anyone writing in the style of William S. Burroughs could have the same impact today that he achieved fifty years ago. However, what Graham does achieve is still quirky, strange, witty and slightly obscene but enjoyable. There’s not much in the way of plot or a story arc, but Editorial does stick to consistent themes, frequently looping back on themselves like the Orobourous that Graham references throughout the story. And at a mere 136 pages it’s a good book to have at hand for your next rainy afternoon.


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