Book Review: Einstein’s Bridge

EinsteinsBridgeby Michael D. Pederson


Einstein’s Bridge
John Cramer
Avon Books, 320 pp.

Billed as a novel of “hard science fiction,” I was instantly intrigued. I like my science fiction as hard as it can get. And I have to hand it to Cramer, the science is excellent. However… Stay away from this book. Cramer needs a few lessons in plotting. The climax of the book hit one-hundred pages before the end. Apparently the proposed Texas super-collider was supposed to figure prominently in his story (which was almost entirely written) when the government decided to cut its funding, and killed the project. So, instead of giving us a true novel, he cut his story short and spent the last third of the book simply complaining about the government. The ending is whimsical if you’re in the scientific research field, and have had funding problems. But the rest of us need a real resolution, and not just a bunch of whining.


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