Book Review: Forever the Road

smashwords_koboby Michael D. Pederson


Forever the Road
Anthony St. Clair
Rucksack Press, 459 pp.

Over the years I’ve built a certain level of expectation for small press and self-published books: A good chunk of them are just flat-out bad; most of them are entertaining stories, if you can just overlook a couple of flaws; and a very very few of them are highly enjoyable reads that surprise the crap out of me.

Forever the Road left me completely gobsmacked. Great concept, fun characters, and beautiful writing.

This is the third book in St. Clair’s Rucksack Universe; part alternate history and part travel adventure with a bit of fantasy and a lot of alcohol. In Forever the Road a bartender, a world traveler, a fatherless child with an ailing mother, and an ancient man of mystery have to save the world from a long-dormant evil.

The traveler, Jay, arrives in Agamuskara, India, with a strange item hidden in his backpack, which is (of course) stolen from him as soon as he arrives in town. Recovering the backpack brings him in contact with Jigme, a teen that’s trying to care for his sick mother; Faddah Rucksack, a man who loves stout; and Jade Agamuskara Bluegold, a talented destiny-dealing bartender who quickly steals his heart. He also learns that the MacGuffin hidden in his backpack has brought him to Agamuskara to fulfill his destiny—destroying an ancient evil that has been resting in the heart of the city but will awaken during an oncoming eclipse and exterminate all life on the planet. Our hero goes kicking and screaming the whole way, believing that he is in control of his own destiny—and he’s correct.

It’s a high-stakes story, told with wit and compassion. My only nitpick is that as a long-time beer snob—and with beer playing an important part of the story—I would have enjoyed things more if the beer info had been more esoteric, rather than the Brewing 101 course of “stout is thick and lager is watery.” But that’s just me. In the end, Forever the Road’s Everest Base Camp is a pub that ranks right up there with Callahan’s and the White Hart as classic science fiction bars.


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