Book Review: Foundation’s Fear

Foundationsfearby Michael D. Pederson


Foundation’s Fear
Gregory Benford
HarperPrism, 616 pp.

Three of science-fiction’s best hard-science writers (Benford, David Brin, and Greg Bear) have taken on the task of writing the next trilogy in Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series. Foundation’s Fear is the first in the new series. Being a long-time fan of the original it’s hard to judge this objectively. At times it feels very close to Asimov’s original material, at others it wanders into territory that simply doesn’t mesh with the other books. This time the story concerns Hari Seldon’s entry into the political arena—this isn’t bad. There is also a section involving computer simulations of Joan of Arc and Voltaire fighting an alien lifeform that lives in the galactic internet—this is jarringly out of place and doesn’t feel like Asimov. If you’re a fan of the original it’s worth reading, otherwise forget it.


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