Book Review: Get Out of My Mind & Mind Trap

GetOutOfMyMindby Michael D. Pederson


Get Out of My Mind
Mind Trap
Tony Ruggiero
Amber Quill Press, 213 pp. and 203 pp.

My fondness for complex, sophisticated science fiction has been well documented here over the past couple of years. On occasion though I find myself missing the unabashed whiz-bang glee of old-time space opera, and Ruggiero’s Mind series satisfies my craving for the never-ending clash between good and evil. Mixing equal parts Lensman and Star Trek, these books are brimming with the sense of wonder that made SF so popular in the first place. Get Out of My Mind introduces us to our heroes, Greg Carlson and Sarah Ferguson, who both discover that their human mothers wed alien agents of the United Council for Developing Worlds and bore children. Most of the first book is given over to the bureaucratic dealings of MindTrapthe UCDW and whether or not they should initiate First Contact with Earth, but hits its stride when Carlson and Ferguson discover their alien heritage and begin to develop mental powers. Opposing our heroes is Copolla, the leader of the UCDW. In the first book he comes off as a power-crazed pencil-pusher but when he is kicked off the Council and “killed” at the end of the book the door is opened to show off his oh so very evil side in book two. Taken on its own Get Out is fairly dull and overburdened with exposition, however at just over 200 pages it works quite nicely as the first half of Mind Trap, just under a separate cover. Ruggiero pulls no punches in the sequel… Copolla rises (or sinks) to horrific new levels of evil and as Greg’s powers grow he receives instructions in their use from a mysterious benefactor. You just know that a monumental battle has to take place at the end of the book. There is no disappointment there and Ruggiero has recently announced plans for a third book in the series. Stay tuned!


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