Book Review: Greetings From Lake Wu

GreetingsFromLakeWuby Michael D. Pederson


Greetings From Lake Wu
Jay Lake and Frank Wu
Wheatland Press, 246 pp.

This combined effort from the talents of Jay Lake and Frank Wu, in addition to having one of the most clever titles I’ve seen lately, affected me on many levels. For starters, I’ve been cursing myself for not being able to read all of the genre magazines on the market. For if I could, I would have known about Jay Lake sooner. Wow. I can’t remember the last time that I have read such a consistently great collection of short stories from a single author. In a time when short fiction gets little respect (and less money), it’s refreshing to see someone that has so clearly mastered the form. The stories here cover the full range of science fiction, fantasy, horror, fairy tale, satire, and a few surprises. The Wu in Lake Wu is, of course, Hugo-nominated fan artist Frank Wu. Having met and been on panels with Frank at conventions, I know what an energetic, jubilant person he is. If I hadn’t met him though, I could tell as much from his illustrations—many of them seem like they are constrained by the dimensions of the page, ready to burst from the page, and all of them evoke an emotional response. It’s just a shame that the book is in black and white because, as you can tell from the cover, Wu’s art works even better in color. If you’re a fan of short fiction then your library is incomplete without this one.


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