Book Review: Innocence of the Mind

InnocenceOfTheMindby Michael D. Pederson


Innocence of the Mind
Tony Ruggiero
Amber Quill Press, 367 pp.

The third, and final, book in Ruggiero’s Mind Series continues the enjoyable space opera that began with Get Out of My Mind and Mind Trap. And what a continuation it is. Following the path that made The Empire Strikes Back and The Wrath of Khan such great films, Ruggiero dishes out defeat after defeat to our heroes for most of the book. The story picks up six years after Mind Trap—the villainous Copolla is dead, the heroic Greg Carlson’s consciousness has been separated from his body and trapped in another dimension, and Sarah Carlson has given birth to two very special children. It turns out that Copolla (like all good villains) isn’t entirely dead; his mental energies return to Earth, take control of the President of the United States and he hatches a scheme to upset the plans of the United Council for Developing Worlds for bringing Earth into their federation. Actors often claim that villains are more interesting to play, well, it’s just as much fun to watch them succeed on occasion. Of course the good guys win in the end and all of the loose ends are neatly tied up. If Mind Trap could be compared to “Doc” Smith’s Gray Lensman then Innocence is this series’ Children of the Lens. If you haven’t read the first two books in the series, don’t worry, huge chunks of them are re-printed in flashback sequences so you’ll have no trouble catching up with the story.


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