Book Review: It’s Only Temporary

ItsOnlyTemporaryby Michael D. Pederson


It’s Only Temporary
by Eric Shapiro
Permuted Press, 100 pp.

The world is going to end in less than ten hours. A giant meteor will crash into the planet and eliminate all life as we know it. How do you spend your final hours? It’s Only Temporary begins with our hero, Sean, realizing that he needs to be with his ex-girlfriend and ends just before the doomsday event. This is a brilliantly conceived apocalyptic vision that will shock, terrify and amaze you. Sean’s simple three-hour drive across the state to reunite with his lost love becomes a powerful day-long journey of redemption. Along the way he experiences and witnesses the absolute extremes (good and bad) that the human animal is capable of. The narrative is starkly personal and (at times) deeply disturbing. Shapiro pulls of the incredible feat of making you believe that the world is ending without ever once showing you the actual event. Sheer artistry.


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