Book Review: Morevi

Moreviby Michael D. Pederson


Morevi: The Chronicles of Rafe and Askana
Lisa Lee and Tee Morris
Dragon Moon Press, 512 pp.

It’s high fantasy! It’s historical fiction! Two, two, two books in one! A very clever setup. Rafe Rafton is a privateer for Henry VIII, Askana Moldarin is Queen of Morevi in the world of Naruihm. Thanks to a rift in the space-time continuum (yes, it’s an old and tired device but this is fantasy not SF, call it magic and everyone’s happy) our heroes are able to cross between the two worlds. It’s been done before but Lee and Morris have fleshed out both worlds so fully that this worn-out plot device works better than it has in years. The story… Rafe and his crew are hired by Askana to root out a conspiracy that threatens her throne. After rescuing her from assassins the group travels back to England to recruit allies. The following adventure brings us magic, intrigue, romance, tragedy, beasties, and one heckuva climactic battle. The book does have some flaws though that would have been fixed with a more thorough editing job—it’s nearly 150 pages before the concept of magic is introduced, the ending comes too far after the climax, and there are some glaring anachronisms—but I’ll always overlook a few flaws if the characters are good, and these characters are on the verge of stepping off the page and raiding your fridge. This is true swashbuckling adventure!


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