Book Review: Ranting Again

RantingAgainby Michael D. Pederson


Ranting Again
Dennis Miller
Doubleday, 201 pp.

Yep, the second collection of rants from Miller’s weekly HBO show is finally out. Now, I don’t want to get on a rant here but it seems to me like stand-up comics are putting out books more often than Clinton puts out denials. Or even more often than Clinton puts out. Sure, the book is nothing more than a collection of opening monologues from his show; no new material. Yes, it was thrown together to make a quick buck. But this is where Miller is different from the rest of the Seinfeld-wanna-be rat pack—he’s in it for the money and he doesn’t mind saying so. That’s exactly the kind of honesty that I want from someone that makes a living telling society what it’s doing wrong. The only real draw-back to the book is the fact that these rants weren’t written with the print media in mind. There are sections where you can tell that the humor was carried entirely by a long pause or a goofy look that don’t work as well as the rest of the book. But, hey—I was rolling on the ground laughing as I read this stuff. I’ll gladly fork over $21.95 for that. And believe me, I have on numerous occasions. Miller’s choice of material is as good as ever too. He skewers everything from his own acting career to abortion. Ranting Again as literature? Sure. It’s a must read for any up-and-coming author. Miller has a unique talent for constructing similes that leaves me in awe. I would love to see him attempt a piece of true fiction. With his unrivaled ability for making obscure cultural references, he could crank out a book that critics would be analyzing for decades. I’ve just got to say though, lay off the Pavarotti jokes. I think Miller can do without this overused fat-joke shorthand of his. Of course that’s just my opinion, I could be wrong.


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