Book Review: Return to Thrae

ReturnToThraeby Krisi Pederson


Return to Thrae
Judith Galardi
1st Books Library, 142 pp.

Once there was a girl named Laney. She was sent to Earth from the planet Thrae when she was five. Laney’s Earth parents found her in a stream, but Laney was in a mermaid form. When it was time for Laney to go to high school her Earth parents told her that because she was a mermaid with special powers, like the ability to disintegrate things, she needed to go to a special school. Then someone named Dr. Bucci came in and watched her disintegrate things. He also explained to Laney that she would be going to a high school that he worked at, and how the school was only for people that had powers. When Laney went to the school she met all her teachers and saw where she would stay. One of her teachers hypnotized her to see if she could remember anything from the world Thrae. When she started remembering things she saw her mother, Darcy Lou. When Laney saw her she was scared and wanted to go have lunch, where she met Kertar. Kertar told Laney that the Garnots were evil people in a battle with the Thraeans. He also told her that her parents sent her to Earth for protection.

Later that day Laney went for a swim in the pool. As she suspected, she grew fins and her hair got longer and lighter and she started swimming very fast. Then the water turned a peach color and a large merman swam close to her and told her she was in Thrae and he was an old friend. Laney realized that some people were starting to freeze, and noticed other people helping to get them in sleeping bag-like things in an attempt to unfreeze them. Ostagus (the large merman) told Laney that was the work of the Garnots’ freezing weapon. Then both Laney and Ostagus sat at a long table with some other people and in that room she saw Kertar again. They all began to talk about how Laney was going to save Thrae. There were three caves, one held the real freezing weapon and the other two held fake devices. Laney had to disintegrate all three of them while the other people at the table destroyed the files on them and erased the Garnots’ memory. The Plan worked perfectly, but when Laney was in the caves she was caught by a Garnot. Fortunately, Laney was able to escape and disintegrate the other two weapons. When all of that was done, two people from the table told her they were Laney’s mom and dad. Laney’s dad was Ostagus. They also told Laney they would bring her back if they needed her to help their planet. Everybody said goodbye and Laney went back to Earth.

I think that this is a great book. I would recommend it to people who like adventure and lots of surprises. Return to Thrae is my most favorite book that I have ever read (and I’ve read a lot of books!). I hope you’ll like it as much as I did.


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