Book Review: Shadow Puppets

ShadowPuppetsby Michael D. Pederson


Shadow Puppets
Orson Scott Card
Tor Books, 372 pp.

The third book in Card’s Ender’s Shadow series continues to follow the plight of Bean, now a teenager, as he continues his conflict with Achilles on a global scale. This is a light enjoyable read that won’t waste too much of your time, just don’t expect great things from it. Card spends too much time reminding us that Achilles is pure evil and Bean spends too much time running from conflict. Once again, Ender’s brother Peter (now in the office of Hegemon) is underused and somewhat inept when he finally does appear. Very little in this book can compare favorably with the original series. However, if this is your first experience with an Ender novel you’ll probably find it to be a clever, fast-paced tale of hyper-intelligent teens and the new world that they are forging.


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