Book Review: Stranger on the Loose

StrangerOnTheLooseby Michael D. Pederson


Stranger on the Loose
D. Harlan Wilson
Eraserhead Press, 220 pp.

Not quite science fiction or fantasy, this collection of short stories is so mind-bogglingly weird that I couldn’t put it down. Wilson specializes in surreal absurdist fiction that is meant to spotlight the flaws and foibles of society. In small doses Wilson’s work is inventive and adroitly crafted; a collection of twenty-eight of these wacked-out gonzo stories gets a bit tiring. However, where the worst stories are merely tiresome the best ones are downright ingenious. I was particularly enthralled by one story where a man was attacked by a glacier. Which gives you a good idea as to the level of weird that we’re talking about. It’s a good book, but not for the weak of mind.


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