Book Review: The 2nd Coming

PirateWritingsVol2by Michael D. Pederson


The 2nd Coming: The Best of Pirate Writings, vol. 2
edited by Edward J. McFadden III
Padwolf Publishing, 191 pp.

Pirate Writings stands as a shining example of what can be accomplished with a small-press fiction ’zine. It’s gone now, morphed into the latest incarnation of Fantastic Stories, but we get one last hurrah with 2nd Coming. Many of Pirate Writing’s best stories were already used up in volume one but the remainder—though not as strong as the first batch—can hardly be described as leftovers. The highlights: Allen Steele’s “Warning, Warning,” a clever tribute to Lost in Space; “Milking Belle,” a story of interplanetary colonization and emotional survival by Brian Plante; a Murphy’s Lore story from Patrick Thomas; and two more Paul diFilippo stories (yay!). Plus Mike Resnick’s “A Limerick History of Science Fiction.” A great collection.


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