Book Review: The Battle of Corrin

BattleOfCorrinby Michael D. Pederson


Dune: The Battle of Corrin
Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson
Tor, 620 pp.

By now the battle lines have been drawn, you either love the new Dune prequels or you hate them. I fall into the former camp. Sure, they don’t capture the epic glory or beautiful literary grace of the original Dune but they do go a long way to recapturing the awe and majesty of the science fiction of days gone by. There’s nothing groundbreaking here but there’s lots of that Wow! factor that brought us all to science fiction in the first place. That said, it is the conclusion of the trilogy and all of the freedom that Herbert and Anderson have had in the previous two books has been revoked. It has to be wrapped up in such a way that will remain consistent with Frank Herbert’s Dune. Before you turn page one you know that, among other things, the Harkonnen name has to be disgraced and the Jihad has to eliminate all computer technology. By the end, all of the pieces are indeed where they need to be but some of the resolutions come off forced and clumsy. It’s still a fun ride though and if you liked the first two you’ll enjoy this one as well.


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