Book Review: The Fix in Overtime

TheFixby Michael D. Pederson


The Fix: Fix in Overtime
Tony DiGerolamo
Padwolf Publishing, 196 pp.

This superhero story from comic book writer and humorist Tony DiGerolamo is a humorous page-turner that’s perfect for that weekend when your gaming group all bails on you. Private investigator Mark Mammon is… The Fix! Yep, after he drinks a weird green alien liquid he calls “The Stuff” this lovable slacker is transformed into a super hero that defies description. This story of alien invaders is fast-paced and amusing. DiGerolamo switches the point of view from chapter to chapter creating a unique (if sometimes confusing) framework for what might otherwise be an overly simplistic story. The book opens with a 16-page comic book that explains the character and closes with a 3-page comic epilogue (artwork by Brendon and Brian Fraim). If you like superhero novels you’ll find this one to be far superior to the generic novelizations that Marvel and DC have been flooding the SF bookshelves with lately. If you’re not a fan of the genre you probably haven’t even read this far into the review and I’m just wasting space by saying anything else.


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