Book Review: The Mask of Ollock

MaskOfOllockby Michael D. Pederson


The Mask of Ollock
Robert F. Kauffmann
Arx Publishing, 185 pp.

Possibly the most daring book that I’ve read lately is The Mask of Ollock. Ollock is a fantasy adventure written entirely in the form of an epic poem. I was a little intimidated at first, remembering how long it took to plow through the Odyssey, but Kauffmann has managed to achieve a very inviting form of verse. The language is not overly complex and flows freely from the page in a richly alliterative style. The story is simple… Olgo, king of Umbra, crafts a magical mask for his son, Ollock, that bestows incredible powers to its owner. As always, power corrupts and Ollock sets out to conquer the world. The story is a little thin, but if you liked the body count in Hamlet, you’ll love Ollock—everyone dies, it’s actually kind of fun trying to guess how long each new character will last before he kicks the bucket. No great surprises in the story but it’s a quick, fun read nevertheless.


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