Book Review: There Will Be Dragons

ThereWillBeDragonsby Michael D. Pederson


There Will Be Dragons
John Ringo
Baen Books, 526 pp.

Ringo can always be counted on for providing first-rate entertainment. He also sells very well and has a strong fan following; sadly, his publishers seem to know this and let him get away with more than they should.

Dragons is set on Earth, far in the future. Technology has turned the planet into an idyllic paradise where nobody has to work and everyone can live out their fantasies. When the planet’s ruling council splits into two factions war breaks out and all of the neat hi-tech plot devices go away to be used in the war. It’s an interesting concept, just don’t think about it too much or it starts to fall apart. I may be wrong but it seems like Ringo had a clever idea for writing a series that would allow him to pick and choose military tactics from all of history (something that he does very well), mix them around and put them up against each other and then he simply built a world to fit that premise. All negatives aside, he does an admirable job of blending science fiction and fantasy together for a thrilling (if somewhat shallow) end-of-society adventure story. The book is a bit self-indulgent and occasionally doesn’t make too much sense but its darned entertaining. Ringo may not be science fiction’s greatest novelist but he is one helluva good storyteller.


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