Book Review: This Magic World

MagicWorldby Michael D. Pederson


This Magic World
Ru Emerson
SRM Publisher Ltd., 53 pp.

This Magic World is subtitled “A Collection of Fine Fantasy” and, for the most part, it is. This chapbook brings together four previously published short stories from Ru Emerson. In only four stories Emerson manages to cover an amazing range of fantasy styles. “Call Him By Name” is a sharply clever deconstruction of fairy tale clichés that follows a pair of star-crossed lovers through their trials against an unseen tormentor. “Tall Magic” is a witty three wishes tale where the basketball playing heroine gets the last laugh in this very original character-driven genie story. “A Golden Net For Silver Fishes” is as beautifully written as its title suggests. But despite the fact that I enjoyed the lyrical use of language in this Celtic-inspired fantasy, I felt that it never really caught my interest. “The Werewolf’s Gift” was a fantastic choice to end the collection with. Combining the best elements of her other work, “Gift” is a cute and moving story about a werewolf that is presented with a chance to become human again but must make a difficult choice first. Collectively, these stories put a fresh new face on the fantasy genre.


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