Coy Powers


Coy Powers was the artist half of the team that created the All Grown Up webcomic. He also did one illustration for us which we unfortunately didn’t have the room to put into the issue. It’s here for you now though.


Billy Tackett


There’s definitely a bit of the macabre in the works of Billy Tackett, but behind the darkness there’s always plenty of emotion and humanity to his work as well. He’s been one of my favorite artists to work with; he frequently surprises me with what he comes up with.


Frank Wu


The Nth Degree crew met Frank Wu at a Philcon way back when. He illustrated one cover for us, right before he won his first Hugo for best fan artist. He still tells me that if I get a good story with weird aliens in it he’d love to do another illustration for us. Now I just gotta find that story…


S.C. Watson


In addition to the fantastic work that he’s done for us, S.C. Watson has also worked with Wizards of the Coast, Fantasy Flight Games, Malfador Machinations, and various private clients, including independent authors. 


Bob Snare


Bob Snare is an artist and designer who has also been working behind the scenes in Virginia fandom for the past 25+ years. He’s just one of the many talented people that we’ve connected with through the local convention circuit.


Julia Morgan-Scott


We were quite thrilled to receive a packet of artwork from Julia Morgan-Scott telling us that we could use whatever we wanted. Julia is a talented, award-winning artist who has been a friend to the fanzine community for many years.