Unused Art


Sometimes an artist misses a deadline, or a piece needs a little tweaking, or multiple artists submit artwork for the same story, or a story that’s already been illustrated gets pulled. As a result, we’ve built up a collection of unused artwork over the years that’s just too good to go to waste.


Matt McIrvin


I suspect that the word “polymath” must have been coined to describe someone just like Matt McIrvin. Another one of the contributors that I’ve known since before high school, Matt has always been able to do pretty much anything he puts his mind to.


J. Andrew World


Somewhere along the way we decided that Andy was illustrating SO MANY stories for us (and often on an incredibly short turnaround time) that we should make him our official staff artist.


Michael D. Pederson


In no way do I consider myself to be an actual artist. I’m a professional graphic designer who just happens to be pretty good with Photoshop and Illustrator and sometimes I find myself in need of an illustration that a real artist doesn’t have the time to create.


Dan Fahs


Dan Fans was an amazingly talented artist (Antarctic Press, BelchBurger) and a good friend of ours. He passed away in 2001, at the tragically young age of 32. Dan’s untimely death was one of the inspirations for us to start Nth Degree.