Comic Review: Chronicles of the Sea Dragon #0

SeaDragonby Michael D. Pederson


Yes, pirates are very big these days. Disney’s nonsensical big-budget pirate movie has ushered in a new age of swashbuckling. And that’s not such a bad thing.

Chronicles of the Sea Dragon (from indy publisher Night Wolf Graphics) is a black and white comic rendered in traditional style. And by traditional, I mean lots of line work and cross-hatching. Artist Bill Bryan’s style definitely brings to mind classic comic book artwork, from long before the Liefields, Lees, and McFarlanes took over the biz.

The story, by Richard C. White and April MacDicken, is about a group of privateers and takes place in a fairly standard fantasy setting. Being Issue #0 this story seems to be primarily introducing us to the characters and giving us their back story. There seems to be a fair amount of deviousness amongst the crew and a few of the characters blurred together for me but I was greatly pleased to see the heroes using their smarts as well as their swords. Lots of high adventure and old-time artwork make this a fun read for those of us that grew up on Sinbad.


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