Con Review: Albacon 2003

Albaconby J. Andrew World


Albacon 2003
October 10-12, 2003
Lake George, New York 

Albacon was held this year in Lake George, New York. Normally it’s held at a hotel in Schenectady, however the convention’s regular hotel has been closed so they had to find someplace new to host it. They choose a dude ranch resort in Lake George during peak foliage season.

The drive up was gorgeous! Along the sides of Route 87 the trees exploded with yellows, oranges, and reds. I arrived at Roaring Brook Ranch and went to the main lodge where I was greeted by a sweet woman who saw my art and immediately told me where the Art Show was. I set up in the art room and then went to register. I had volunteered my services as a programming guest at the last minute and, unfortunately, they didn’t get my email in time to add my name to the “free badge” list. This took some time to sort out and I missed the ice cream social because of it. They had a nice artist reception though. They fed us Spicy Sesame Chicken wings!

After the reception I wandered around the Ranch to check things out. In the game room I saw the most surreal thing: The room was filled with animal heads and pool tables. Above a confused Pac Man game (it was really Ms. Pac Man, but it said Pac Man on the outside) was a moose with lipstick!

The next day began slowly, I found the ’zines and hit a lecture. Most of the panels were aimed more towards writers (no surprise with Lois McMaster Bujold as the GoH) so, as an artist, I felt a little left out. I made up for it by going to the Artist Guest of Honor’s (Allen Koszowski) presentation. It was a slide show of his influences and artists that he liked. It was filled mostly with horror pieces from classic sci-fi and horror magazines. He also had early fanzine work from successful illustrators like Charles Vess. After the presentation I handed him a copy of Nth Degree and showed him one of my illustrations. He asked if he could add it to his World Fantasy Con presentation. I told him I would be honored!

After a fine Mexican dinner it was time to hit the room parties! Oz Fontecchio of Philcon (also the Fan GoH) threw a great party. The copies of Nth Degree I brought just disappeared! Plus Oz had an amazing array of alcohol—I discovered Godiva mixed with Buttershots—needless to say, I don’t remember very much about the party.

The next morning I went to a few lectures, hung out, and then went to visit a nearby friend.

Albacon 2004 will be held October 8-10. They will be announcing their guests soon at


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