Con Review: CastleCon 15

Castlecon15by Catherine E. Twohill


CastleCon 15
July 5-7, 2002
Reston, Virginia

Held the weekend of July 5-7 in Reston, VA, CastleCon 15 was true to its positioning as a “relaxacon.” The Con Suite offered free food, coloring books, board and boxed games, a tv/vcr set-up with lots of tapes and, above all, Lite-Brite boards with thousands of colorful pegs. Sessions took on the vacation theme as well. Painting, filking, and belly dancing with Miraj (the “Elvira” of bellydance!) were key, as was the organization of an impromptu sugar party. The open gaming area was consistently full of LARPers as was the hotel’s pool (unclear as to whether they were LARPers). Attendees were able to take advantage of the organizer’s great effort in creating a relaxing and fun atmosphere. CastleCon and EveCon share the same organization team, We’re very much looking forward to EveCon, December 27-29, 2002.


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