Con Review: Conjecture II

ConjectureLogoby Chris Garcia


Conjecture II
October 3-5, 2003
San Diego, California

No city in America is more identified with a single con than San Diego is with Comic-Con. But to think that Comic-Con is the only game in town is to forget that there is a rabid fandom in SD. One of their annual activities is Conjecture, a small con in its second year that has not failed to impress.

This year, in honor of Guest of Honor and Chronoliths’ author Robert Charles Wilson, Conjecture was subtitled “A Brief History of Time Travel.” The theme ran throughout the convention which featured Time Machine Wars, a Mad Science Fair, and film programming that featured time travel films from the last five decades. Panels dealt with everything from “The Physics of Time Travel” to “Microscopic Temporal Anomalies,” alongside the standard Star Wars, Buffy, Fandom, music, literature, and sex programming.

What’s a con without parties? The League of Evil Geniuses threw a fine party as part of the push to bring CostumeCon 2008 to the Silicon Valley. Fan Dave Bloom held an open-door fortieth birthday party which featured authors like William Wu, Vera Nazarian, and Lee Martindale playing with nearly fifty balloons that covered the floor. Both the San Diego in 2006 and Monterey 2006 WesterCon bids threw shindigs as well.

Perhaps the most stunning thing was the number and quality of the guests. For a con attracting only about 350 attendees, the names brought in for programming were astounding. Authors Vernor Vinge, David Brin, Nancy Holder, Gregory Benford, and David Gerrold all participated on panels with artists like James Stanley Daugherty, Frank Wu, and Sue Dawe.

Another excellent small, West Coast con that is looking towards bigger and better things in the future. Conjecture III is scheduled for October 1-3. Next year’s GoHs will be C.S. Friedman (Writer) and Jess Heinig (Gaming). More details at


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