Con Review: Fantasci 4

by Michael D. Pederson


Fantasci 4
July 23, 2005
Chesapeake, Virginia

Fantasci (a.k.a The Little Con That Could) is a small one-day con that’s open to the public. With many cons shrinking these days, this is something of a brilliant idea. Fantasci is held in the Chesapeake Public Library. “Public” of course translates to free. No attendance fees and free dealer’s tables. What you end up with is a wide spectrum of attendees. There were a lot of familiar faces from local fandom but there were even more people there had never been to a sci-fi con before. And the mundanes seemed to be having a great time!

There was a single track of programming, lots of authors (many of them local) and several fan groups (Star Trek, Star Wars and StarGate, among others). It turned out to be a really fun day.

There are rumors that they may go to two days next year.


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