Con Review: Genericon 2005

by J. Andrew World


Genericon 2005
January 28-30, 2005
Troy, New York

There is nothing more invigorating then Albany in January, except going there with someone from Virginia who didn’t bring a hat or gloves. “Eight,” he said, “Eight is not a temperature. It’s a date or a time or something.”

This year’s Genericon was held, as always, at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and run by their sci-fi club with a focus on webcomics and Anime. This year saw a few changes. First, they moved to the last weekend of January to make sure they weren’t overshadowed by Arisia. Attendance was higher this year then in previous years.

Also this year was their most successful Art Show. Nick Jones, who has been running the show for the past three years worked hard to make it great. Sadly, this will be Nick’s last year running the Art Show.

I arrived Friday night with fellow Nth Degree-er Rob Balder to a warm Genericon welcome. This was my third Genericon and Rob’s first. As usual, Friday night didn’t have much happening other then gaming and movies. I went to set up in the Art Show while Rob went exploring.

Saturday was spent at a two-hour webcomics panel which featured Rob, Chris Battey of Scatterplot and Josh Phillips of Avalon. Rob dominated the panel, although he tried not to. We had lunch after the panel and I went to the Art Show to move some swag. I missed the guest dinner, but made it to Rob’s Filk concert.

The concert was a lot of fun. Originally, Worm Quartet was scheduled to play as well. However, they couldn’t make it due to a scheduling conflict. So Rob did his set and then lead the audience in a sing-a-long.

Sunday, Rob wanted to immediately hit the road, but I made him stay until the Art Show closed. The show was a big success as I watched an overwhelmed Nick take in more money in twenty minutes then the previous two years of Genericon.

Thanks to Nick and the rest of the Genericon staff that made this convention a success once again.


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