Con Review: Genericon XVI

GenericonXVIby J. Andrew World


Genericon XVI
January 24-26, 2003
Troy, New York

Genericon is a small gaming/anime convention that clearly has the potential to be a bigger one. But, since it’s a school-run event, they are limited by what the school gives them to work with. I was a guest of the art show, and did have a good time.

I arrived Friday night and the art show wasn’t ready yet, which worked out well seeing as how I didn’t have the cloths I needed to make my display look right. So, I puttered around and passed out copies of Nth Degree. One of my illustrations was in the program book as well as my bio (there were only five guest bios in the book) so people almost treated me like a celebrity. To kill time, I checked out the dealer’s room and then went for a drink.

I woke up at 9:30 the next morning, showered, and went to set up for the art show. After I set up my two tables I went for breakfast. I got back and met two other artists from the Artist’s Alley. Both were amateurs and one was still in school, but a talented anime-style artist. We traded stories and got to know each other. I showed off my art to other attendees and discussed my technique. After lunch, I went to speak on the one panel I was invited to sit in on: Web Comics. Strangely enough, I have never done a web comic. I went mainly because (as I mentioned) there were only five guests at the con. The panel consisted of six web comics creators and me. We went through the introductions and showed our comics. I seemed to score the biggest laughs when I showed the Sluggy Freelance where Pete Abrams put my clothes on Torg ( I ended up taking on the job of panel moderator; I asked the artists questions when the audience wouldn’t. It worked out nicely. At one point I asked how the panelists promoted themselves and one person answered, “Name dropping,” to which I replied, “That’s how I got on this panel.” Afterwards I tooled around the con and went to the dance. Which sucked. Mainly because the DJ thought that the only danceable music was anime music, which (in my opinion) is totally undanceable. I tried to get him to play something decent (this seems to be a common complaint at convention dances – ed.), without any luck. I left to go to bed at 4:00 AM.

The next day my voice was wrecked, I was exhausted and could barely get out of bed. I got to the con around 11:30 and once again hung around the art show. It closed at 3:00. I hung out with some new friends and played “Star Munchkin” until the closing ceremonies. I said my good byes and went home.


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