Con Review: JerseyDevilCon 3

JerseyDevilCon3by Michael D. Pederson


JerseyDevilCon 3
April 25-27, 2003
Edison, New Jersey

JerseyDevilCon, a.k.a. the small con that doesn’t know it’s a small con, met and/or exceeded expectations again this year. GOHs for multiple categories (SF, Fantasy, Horror, Art, Comics, Science, Gaming, and Filk—Harry Harrison, Nancy Springer, Brian Lumley, Joe DeVito, Mark Rogers, Clifford Pickover, Bard & Vicki Bloom, and Voltaire, respectively), a large art room filled with pros and semi-pros, and lots and lots of programming (they kept me busy) are just a few of the things that JDC has going for it. I’ve attended two out of the three JerseyDevilCons so far and I am continually impressed. With attendance around 500, JerseyDevil falls into the small con category but they run the programming, art show, dealer’s room, and masquerade as if they were a 1,000+ member convention. Next year’s con will probably be held in a different hotel (keep an eye on for details) as multiple event bookings have made the last few years difficult on the convention—this year’s “difficulty” is already being talked about on the con circuit in the same hushed tones as the infamous Disclave flood. (See this issue’s filk for more details.)


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