Con Review: MarsCon 2010

marscon2009by Michael D. Pederson


MarsCon 2010
January 15–17, 2010
Williamsburg, Virginia

MarsCon has been around in various incarnations for over twenty years now. It’s mostly been a fun but quiet relaxacon. Lately, however, they’ve been playing around with adding guests and programming. This year’s Guests of Honor were David Weber, Marrus, Steve Long, Tom Smith, and Michael Khandelwal. With over 70 items on the schedule this year, MarsCon took a major step away from it’s relaxacon roots. That’s not to say that they have turned serious on us though. Many of those scheduled events were concerts or workshops, so even though there’s more going on they still try to keep things fun and relaxing. The concerts were actually handled in a pretty clever way: they were all scheduled in the hotel bar. I’m told that the hotel staff was quite pleased with the results. From the corner of the room I sat in the sound system was a bit flat and hard to hear over the television, but if you moved closer it really worked well. With it’s low-pressure atmosphere and emphasis on fun events, MarsCon is the perfect post-holiday stress reliever.


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