Con Review: Trinoc*CoN 2004

TrinocCon2004by Michael D. Pederson


Trinoc*CoN 2004
July 23-25, 2004
Durham, North Carolina

Here’s a con that’s hard to classify. Trinoc*CoN runs the largest gaming room that I have ever seen at a small con but they aren’t a gaming convention. This gives them some wonderful opportunities. Lots of gamers pumps up the attendance, which means more cashflow for the con, so what you end up with is a 500 person con that only has half of that number participating in programming events. This means that Trinoc always has the feel of a very small intimate con yet they still manage to fill their room block and can afford to bring good guests in. This year they had Sharon Lee and Steve Miller as their Literary GoHs and Jael as Art GoH plus the usual assortment of other great pros and semi-pros. For me the highlight of this con is always its superb Literary Track. I was scheduled for five panels this year and we had a fine turnout and lively discussion at all of them. Another unusual feature of Trinoc this year was the attendees themselves. I saw very few of the regulars from other North Carolina cons (Stellarcon and ConCarolinas) that I attend. Instead I saw lots of friends from New York, Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maine, Georgia, and Texas. Like I said, it’s a tough con to categorize but I always have a good time there.


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