More Haikus

by Catherine Harding


Good morrow, mi’lord
Trueth to the period
Does Coke stain velvet?

Star Wars: Episode I
Do you want to leave?
Maybe it gets better soon.
Do you want to leave?

Call of Cthulhu
But it’s a spider.
NO! Too horrible to name!
Looks like a spider.

Help me Rick! Help me!
Minmei’s in trouble again.
Just shoot her this time.



by Catherine Harding


Renaissance Haiku
The globe expanded
An end to serfdom nears? Still
Turnips ’tween my toes

Star Wars Haiku I
Obi-Wan’s pupil
He is Yoda’s problem now
Whine whine whine whine whine

Gamer’s Haiku I
Dragons suck my spleen
Stuck in twenty-sided hell
I burn the damn dice

Pokemon Haiku
Long forest journey
No battles won, stomach growls
Roast my Pikachu

Dune (the David Lynch Movie) Haiku
Expectations crushed
I will kill him, I will kill
Fight to stay awake

Japornimation Haiku
Sex with young school girls
Phallic vines explode to rape
What the hell is this?