Five Halloween Haiku

Space Alien - Vikingby Denny E. Marshall


Creatures visit Earth
To have good times and blend in
On Halloween night

Halloween full moon
All law enforcement in town
Expect a long night

Halloween attack
Humans think the event is
Just part of the show

Halloween door knocks
Did not know the Viking is
’scaped ax murderer

Halloween monster
Wearing costume to cover
His real scary self


Five Haiku


Illustration courtesy of the NASA Image Gallery

by Denny E. Marshall


Aliens arrive
With no spaceship or journey
Born in the earth’s core

Mars evolution
Once life forms and atmosphere
Hidden by craters

Galactic guitar
Strums unknown notes
Of dark gravity

Alien hunter
Shooting at me in the woods
Orange coat season

Martian colony
Few paint house interiors
In the color red


More Haikus

by Catherine Harding


Good morrow, mi’lord
Trueth to the period
Does Coke stain velvet?

Star Wars: Episode I
Do you want to leave?
Maybe it gets better soon.
Do you want to leave?

Call of Cthulhu
But it’s a spider.
NO! Too horrible to name!
Looks like a spider.

Help me Rick! Help me!
Minmei’s in trouble again.
Just shoot her this time.