The Venusians vs. Venice

by Jennifer Mercer


The vile verminous creatures,
Arrived in a vast vessel
Vaulting over Il
Lido de Venizia.

The volume of the van chieftain’s
Verve-filled voice vibrating,
Victorious through
The villas of Venice
The velvet-draped vestibules
Virtually violated by this
Viking of vacuum.

His vicious vassals
Vacillating not-at-all
In their vanquishment
Of vintage canals and
Vertiginous statuary.

Vexed visitors evacuated
Vacating gondola for
Vehicles with velocity
Via the vanishing
Vermillion sun.

Verily, O vale of Venice,
The visitors from Venus
Will not vanish like a
Veiled and vaporous vision.

Veto the Viceroys of Venus
Lest the void be vindicated!