Con Review: JerseyDevilCon 3

JerseyDevilCon3by Michael D. Pederson


JerseyDevilCon 3
April 25-27, 2003
Edison, New Jersey

JerseyDevilCon, a.k.a. the small con that doesn’t know it’s a small con, met and/or exceeded expectations again this year. GOHs for multiple categories (SF, Fantasy, Horror, Art, Comics, Science, Gaming, and Filk—Harry Harrison, Nancy Springer, Brian Lumley, Joe DeVito, Mark Rogers, Clifford Pickover, Bard & Vicki Bloom, and Voltaire, respectively), a large art room filled with pros and semi-pros, and lots and lots of programming (they kept me busy) are just a few of the things that JDC has going for it. I’ve attended two out of the three JerseyDevilCons so far and I am continually impressed. With attendance around 500, JerseyDevil falls into the small con category but they run the programming, art show, dealer’s room, and masquerade as if they were a 1,000+ member convention. Next year’s con will probably be held in a different hotel (keep an eye on for details) as multiple event bookings have made the last few years difficult on the convention—this year’s “difficulty” is already being talked about on the con circuit in the same hushed tones as the infamous Disclave flood. (See this issue’s filk for more details.)


The Devil Went to the Convention

by Steven Earl Yoder

To the tune of “The Devil Went Down to Georgia,” performed by The Charlie Daniels Band, written by Charlie Daniels, Tom Crain, “Taz” DiGregorio, Fred Edwards, Charles Hayward, and James W. Marshall.
Based on events that occurred at JerseyDevilCon 2003.


Jersey Devil went to the convention
But he didn’t know the deal
But soon he’d find
An exposed behind
Can become a really big deal

Well, he came across a reunion
Full of women, and some were hot!
And the women raised
His loincloth just
To see what he has got

I guess they didn’t know it
But some girls were watching too
And they ran to whine to coachy even though they liked the view
And he came down all in a rage
Asking what the desk would do
Put the con on hold
Get the shields of gold
And if you won’t I’ll sue!

The man said I’m the Jersey Devil
And I didn’t mean to sin
But the coach was set
He wasn’t satisfied yet
Until all the cops came barging in

Devil cover up your bone and make sure it ain’t hard
Cause hell’s broke loose at the convention and the cops hold all the cards
And even though the law is biased and seems a little old
They’ll put you in a cell that’s damp and cold

The devil quickly covered up
Putting an end to the show
But the girls had seen enough
And said the coach just had to know

They ran upstairs to wake him up
And he said “What the hell is this?”
And the M.O.D. joined right on in
And he dealt the fatal kiss


When the police arrived they said
Jersey Devil you look pretty good old son
But Edison’s a town that
Doesn’t allow that kind of fun

Don’t look down and
Run girls run!
The Jersey Devil’s at the con and he’s out for fun
Nothin’ but a loincloth if you looked you know
The Edison police said
He had to go


The devil bowed his horns
In fatalistic defeat
And he walked out to the squad car
With some jeans over his meat

Johnny Law said Devil now don’t come back
And if you ever try again
Charged you once son of the Leeds witch
We’ll be glad to charge you again

Now don’t look down and
Run girls run!
The Jersey Devil’s at the con and he’s out for fun
Nothin’ but a loincloth if you looked you know
The Edison police said
He had to go


Con Review: JerseyDevilCon 2

JerseyDevil2by Michael D. Pederson


JerseyDevilCon 2
April 5-7, 2002
Edison, New Jersey

Another fun mid-size con. Incredible programming for a con of it’s size though—Terry Pratchett, Jerry Pournelle, Charles Grant, Michael Kaluta, Jeff Menges, and nearly one hundred scheduled events. Plus, a very full Dealer’s Room; so full, in fact, that several dealers had to be set up in a separate Dealer’s Row by the Con Suite. Even more impressive when you consider that this was only JDC #2. JerseyDevilCon 3 will be held April 25-27, 2003.