Entrainment for the Wet-Wired

by Kevin L. Donihe


I need bio-enhancement to process all this data,
some gadget that’ll slide in without expensive surgery
or the blood loss typical of the do-it-yourself approach.

Give me something to supplement my inadequate organic system.
It observes streaming news feed/scrolling stock prices
yet rebels against info-packets like a Luddite breaking frames.

I want my pre-paid dreams and pay-per-view fantasies.
Give me the Technicolor memories promised
in slick brochures mailed bulk-rate.

Primitive organ, don’t make me cancel my subscription.
I paid a pretty penny for the premium service —
non-refundable the dealer said

— and I fear I might not remember what a phone is,
how to speak, or even how to breathe
if you make me disconnect.