Mi Oscura Herradura (My Dark Knight)

by Jennifer L. Harmon


I ache to know your soul better.
The you that is hidden and masked.
Valiantly you shroud yourself with hard steel armor,
That you call your Personality. Keeping the enemies at bay.
Astride a mighty beast you permeate such regality.
I call that your Intellectuality.
Share with me your Innocence, that I might remember the time before.
When I was Innocent, Untainted and Desirable.
Take my soul, you have speared it, gapping and bleeding raw
It shall represent my colors. Painted the color of Loneliness and Despair,
Help me to remove this cloak of darkness, for I am drowning in my own sins.
Raise the cry to battle and champion me in this – I beg of you!
Save me, if from nothing else – myself.