Five Halloween Haiku

Space Alien - Vikingby Denny E. Marshall


Creatures visit Earth
To have good times and blend in
On Halloween night

Halloween full moon
All law enforcement in town
Expect a long night

Halloween attack
Humans think the event is
Just part of the show

Halloween door knocks
Did not know the Viking is
’scaped ax murderer

Halloween monster
Wearing costume to cover
His real scary self



by Denny E. Marshall


Swear you hear a sucking sound
Cannot put your finger on it
Feel like being pulled somewhere
Other than where you’re headed
In this experience you cannot place
Assume you are not alone
Believe others along for the ride
Each share a choice not made
Pins of light are all that is visible
When you peer into the darkness
Do not see anything else
When you look out from the window
Too late, you realize a truth
A black hole is hard to see


Five Haiku


Illustration courtesy of the NASA Image Gallery

by Denny E. Marshall


Aliens arrive
With no spaceship or journey
Born in the earth’s core

Mars evolution
Once life forms and atmosphere
Hidden by craters

Galactic guitar
Strums unknown notes
Of dark gravity

Alien hunter
Shooting at me in the woods
Orange coat season

Martian colony
Few paint house interiors
In the color red


The Change


Illustration courtesy of the NASA Image Gallery

by Hailey Holcomb


Bones shift
made to feel like
by the agony.

Screams rise and
fall on deaf ears
as skin stretches to

‘What’s happening?
Make it

Every sense comes to life.

Ears twitch at
rustling leaves
and soft fur waves to the
The smell of the earth,
the dirt, the trees,
makes blood boil.

Muscles spring
fleeting free


Ode To Humankind

by Denny E. Marshall

Inspired by “Ode to Humanity


The invaders can read our mind.
It is the end of humankind.
We are pets, the entire race.
Aliens now control the place.

Told make a choice and do not lie.
Pick from family, one to die.
Weapons target from ships in space
Aliens now control the place.

The brother struggles to decide.
Fate of sister he cannot hide.
Wish they would pack and leave no trace.
Aliens now control the place.


Me and My Clones

DNAby Ilona Hegedus


We are celebrating with champagne
as me one got a promotion,
and me two got another degree.
Me three is having a baby.
Will the child call me daddy one?


Alien Abduction

Alien Abduction

Illustration by Matt McIrvin

by Lucy Arnold


This is why I believe in aliens:

The possibility of being sucked into the sky
to be probed
Is part of what makes life meaningful
Because if human beings are interesting enough
that some aliens need to probe them,
If human beings are that complicated
and require that kind of study

Then people obviously
aren’t as simple as I suspect
They aren’t as easy to figure out
(i.e. evil, greedy, close-minded, violent, miserable)
as I think.

That’s what I hope
and that’s why I’m willing to sit around and wait,
Hoping that I’ll be abducted by aliens,
a scenario that would be

Bad for me,
Good for mankind.


Lives on Planets of Our Solar System

Lives on Planets in Our Solar Systemby William Boons


Mercury: Mass Production
dig for dark gray ores
androids manufacture
androids for conquest

Venus: Adaptation
pitch black
beneath opaque sulfuric acid clouds
un-scaled flagellated
kingdom of fish-beasts walk with

Earth: New Trend 2100 A.D.
dated habit under blue sky
no longer give birth to their young
selves clone selves

Mars: Invisible
dive in red rivers
stain their feathers burgundy
mask another year

Jupiter: Romance of Four Kingdoms
red brown yellow white
four armies of viral beasts
warring for conquest

Saturn: Saturn’s Venus’s-Flytraps
air-float nymphs scraped off dead scales
winged carnivorous plants

Uranus: Spawning
green reptilian mermaids
nest emerald eggs
in jade riverbed

Neptune: Neo-Genesis
submerge and harbor
in turquoise acidic sea,
with red-boiled blood rushes
throughout embryonic veins,
a new life form on Neptune

Pluto: Deserted Species
through emptied ice-locked hills
circled abandoned globe
swarms of nanobees


That Office Sci-Fi Dork

That Office Sci-Fi Dork

Illustration by J. Andrew World

by Christopher Shawn Jones


There’s a man at my work with the indelible quirk
of gravitating where he is least wanted
His head’s like an orb and his mind has absorbed
the trivia that most other minds shunted
He speaks of Star Wars until others it bores
And that Tron is a flick well worth seeing
When asked about tazers, lasers, and phasers
His retort is his reason for being
He talks of scifi with a twinkling eye
Star Trek his conversational aperitif
He knows Spock from his Spork and though he’s a dork
He’ll never turn over a new leaf
He’ll just babble on about Babylon
5 and other shows I’d rather not mention
And though a disbeliever I’d call every receiver
just to beam me up past his attention.


Six Disturbing Palindromes

by M.C. McConnell


Dog-bard, a wall arose. Soon, a red, nude
man-era stole Gail of deli, and, lo, my tit-net
carts bade, “trap millions’ parts,” but a snag rose
many fits, and I’d reward no cabs. Eve[n]
Eve’s bacon drawer did nastify names, organs,
a tub, straps. No ill-imparted, abstract-entity mold
nailed foliage. Lots are named under a noose’s
oral law–a drab god.
66 words/259 letters

“No, Keep Rod on,” a brute lisps. “I’ll rig a Tulsa siren,
rut an item. Albinos, Mister [B]ret Simson, I blame.
“Tina Turner is a slut,” a girl lisps. “I let urban odor peek on.”

“Relapse,” he pondered. “No plasma, yet a straw,
Latin egret-sewer [g]rew Ester genital warts, ate yams,”
Al pondered. “Nope, he’s paler.”

Tia, winepots rub sun as risen. Infinity’s s[a]ssy tin
if nine sirs’ anus burst open. I wait.

Part Adam, I, Maria, help pins repel a lio[n],
oil a leper’s nipple hair. Am I mad? A trap?

Sun as Tim or felt tips laminate [w]et animal
spittle from its anus.