Spark Trek

by Robert Black


Once upon a time in a discontinued discotheque far, far away
A small grey moth flutters across the vastness of the empty space
Towards a glitter-ball, where briefly it rests, until disturbed
By the dreaded D’Art Raider spider!

So the moth took off at the speed of moonlight
To the centre of the hall, just in time to save a speck of dust
Falling from the surface of the ceiling above.

“Can you hear me Speck!”
Cried the overacting captain of the flickering moth,
“Hold on! We wont be long!”

“Illogical, Captain Irk,” came the reply from Speck,
“If I could hold on I would not be falling.”


Sound Trek

by Robert Black


In the beginning, a long, long time ago,
The Script Federation called for a mechanism:
“To patrol the stratosphere and do Search & Rescue.”
So the designers took a B-17, all polished aluminium,
Added a large v-tail, two long-range wingtip fuel tanks,
And on a forward leaning column above the pilot’s cabin
A small saucer-shaped flight deck and living quarters.

Our story begins with a mystery and a stopwatch:
“One day a snowman materializes on the flight deck”
(It may sound implausible, but then so is the acting,
but as long as the soundtrack’s as good as the original
it should boldly go on, long into the future.)


The Nelephant 9000 Computer #1

by Robert Black


“I think, therefore I’m on,”
said the Artificial Intelligence machine,
“Are there any questions you want me to answer?
Ask me anything you like. Anything at all.”

“I’m all at sixes and sevens today,”
sighed the operator.

“Aha!” said the computer, as it clicked and whirred,
“The answer is forty-two!”


The Nelephant 9000 Computer #2

by Robert Black


The misguided missile blundered into a tree
Where it perched nervously, smoking like a cigarette,
Till a ladder appears, and a white-breasted boffin climbs up
And taps on the metal casing… then a lense looks out…
And a moment later the Nelephant 9000 computer shouts,
“Help! Some fool’s connected me up to a mouse!”