S.C. Watson


In addition to the fantastic work that he’s done for us, S.C. Watson has also worked with Wizards of the Coast, Fantasy Flight Games, Malfador Machinations, and various private clients, including independent authors. 


The Gallery: S.C. Watson


I’ve been working with S.C. Watson for six years now. And I hadn’t realized until now how little I know about him until I sat down to write this blurb. I can tell you that his name is Shane and he’s amazingly talented, but that’s about it. Oh, and he’s frequently very very busy. He did his first piece of art for Nth Degree in April 2004, a black and white illustration for Johnny Eponymous’ story “Nutria.” Since then, S.C. has done three incredible cover illustrations for us, usually on pretty short notice.

I’ll just let his art speak for him.