The Secret

by Douglas Daech


Before I entered the presidential race I’d studied the issues, and felt ready to take the office in a competent manner. I had a plan for what needed to get done and knew what actions I’d take. As a candidate, I thought I had all the facts. I was wrong. Only the President has access to all the facts.

During the presidential transition a most unexpected piece of information was presented to me. The implications of these secrets radically changed my opinions on issues, and my control over them. They are dangerous facts. I am writing these memoirs not to enlighten or frighten others, but to review them for myself and consider them with more understanding.

Politicians decide what is to be kept secret for the people’s own good. Some secrets are kept for matters of national security. If everyone knew the secrets of the stealth fighter, the advantage of our nation would be lost. Other secrets are held because the truth would affect society in a dangerous way. Included in this category of secrets are the facts that I am trying to grasp and understand, such as the secrets of UFOs and our extraterrestrial visitors.

During the first few months of the change in office the President-elect is guided to all corners of the nation. He is shown various top secret installations and research facilities. An overview of each project and its value is explained. The giant neutron collider project in Nevada, the biochemical and genetic research center in Atlanta, the Minuteman fields in Utah are some examples of secret tours that I was taken on. It was on one of these tours that we made a stop at an airfield in the mid-west. At this location foreign technology is tested and evaluated for weaknesses. Various types of military aircraft lined the runway. They ranged in type from French Mirage Fighters, to China’s new vertical-lift jets. Russian Migs were there too. Inside one of the hangars, technicians in lab coats were dissecting missiles. An Iraqi chemical-tipped Scud was being disassembled in another area.

Eventually we came to the final hangar of the tour. I was taken upstairs to an office where the ex-President and three other men were waiting for me. The ex-President held a thick file and motioned for me to sit down. He had a look that told me this was going to be a business meeting.

It was revealed to me that about forty years ago there was an aircraft crash in the southwest United States. It was suspected to be a spy plane. Military radar had been tracking the craft from Soviet airspace. When the intelligence team arrived at the site they found a craft unlike anything they had ever seen. It was quickly considered another world’s technology and moved to the testing facility.

I will never forget the feeling of awe I felt when the heavy drapes were drawn back and I got my first look at the craft. I walked to the viewing window mesmerized. I saw a smooth metallic dome about fifty feet across. The edge of the dome came to a gentle curve and rounded to the underside. Its top showed no view ports, windows or hatches. I could not see the bottom at all. We stood in silence for a few moments as I was allowed to take in the scene. Technicians were walking around the craft with different electronic meters and tools in hand. They were coming and going from under the craft, unaware and uncaring, of us observing from above.

It was explained to me that shortly after the ship was brought to the research center a hatchway had been located by x-ray and was torched open. The metal of the craft is an alloy of aluminum, and entering was not complicated. Inside, two lifeless non-humans were found. They were quickly refrigerated and taken to another facility. From the file the President extracted photos of the crash site and the alien pilots. The two figures were similar to ours, but the heads were larger and hairless. They looked frail and weak, even harmless. Photos of the interior of the craft showed controls and colored panels with artistic looking clusters of dots and lines.

This was all quite a shock, to say the least. I’d read stories in the tabloids at the supermarket. The Roswell UFO crash, and Area 51 gossip has always been just that—gossip.

A flurry of questions surfaced, and worries came to mind. Was the craft armed? Are they a friendly culture? Do they know we have one of their ships?

The President and the researchers continued their story of our alien encounter. Within days of the crash, visual and radar contacts with UFOs became a nightly event. They were centered on the crash site at first, but slowly moved in the direction of the air base where the craft was taken. A search was obviously under way for the lost craft.

Radio contact was attempted without success. Jets were scrambled, but as soon as our pilots neared the unknown objects, the UFOs would speed away and leave the atmosphere. It was obvious they were leaving the planet. This cat and mouse game went on for weeks. Eventually the contacts were less frequent, then stopped altogether.

During this time scientist were already dissecting the alien craft. The technology was confusing and the investigation was slow. Only after years of experiments and testing is headway finally being made. Some of the more simple systems used in the alien craft are now understood, and have already been introduced to America hi-tech aircraft. Heads up displays, stealth technology, and lightweight alloys are some of them. Still, the main computers and drive systems are a mystery. In fact they appear to be nonexistent. Cryptologists and language specialists copied the patterned lines and dots that were found all around the craft. Translating the alien language would assist in understanding the craft and their culture. The researchers sadly explained that translation of the graphics has been unsuccessful and the writing still remains a mystery.

When the aliens finally concluded that their craft was captive at our air base, and that probably both the craft and pilots were being scientifically dissected, a wild assortment of radio and magnetic pulse frequencies bombarded the air base from a UFO fly over. This was the first recorded radio emission from an alien craft, and the only known attempt to communicate. The message was decoded from a very simple binary code that translated directly into English and could hardly be considered friendly conversation. It was a message directed to government officials of the highest ranks. It was not a greeting from another world, but orders of sociopolitical change and the sad predictions of our fate if we didn’t listen.

This reminded me of the stories about South America Indians that were visited by ancient astronauts. Some researchers say that the aliens gave the Indians rules to live by, and goals to attain. The legends say that if the Indians did as they were told, the alien visitors would return and bring great wealth and rewards.

The current message was similar. It instructed, or rather insisted, that our planet unite peacefully. If not, we would become victim of destructive revolution and chaos. They had seen this countless other times on hundreds of other planets. The message concluded by informing us that the planet would be watched, and unless our nations developed a socially united attitude we would not gain beneficial trade alliances or alien technologies. We would be left alone to destroy ourselves.

If I hadn’t seen the captured craft with my own two eyes or had been told the story by the President himself, I wouldn’t have believed it. But, it’s hardly the end of the story. The retiring President explained how a great debate ensued as to whether this information should be shared with all nations of the world. Would this announcement of contact with an alien form of intelligence cause civil unrest, riots, and strike fear into the population? How would it affect the religious community? The debate was held strictly between the highest members of office and Pentagon officials. The discussions became heated at times, opinions differed, but it was finally decided that the event be classified as Top Secret in the highest degree. The technology of the craft was surely too valuable to share with foreign powers.

Could the demand for world harmony be ignored? No. The politicians in power at the time used the message as a guide in forming their foreign affairs programs. They secretly slanted many decisions with the warning in mind. It was the catalyst to the forming of stronger United Nation bonds. It was the driving force behind ending the Cold War and the arms race. For a long time it was a cross that only our government carried. The weight of a possibly doomed future loomed in only the minds of our decision makers.

As political barriers slowly fell, and trust began to form between nations, the alien message alone was released to selected governments. The mention of trade lead to great events such as the falling of the Berlin Wall and the breakup of the Soviet bloc. Capitalism, it seemed is the way of the galaxy. The unified monetary system in Europe is a start, but the goal is a world unit.

I understand there is still distrust in this world. Some nations call the message “American-made propaganda”. They refuse to acknowledge that the predictions of our disastrous future could ever really come to be. They rebel against any capitalism, and peaceful non-military existence. Others nations can only see the truth in ancient scrolls and religions that do not have a place for life in outer space. These people thrive on religious wars thousands of years old.

The only proof we can offer that the warnings are true, lies hidden in a secret air base. This proof could hold secrets much too dangerous to completely share in our violent world. Until we understand those risks, or this becomes a more peaceful planet, the craft should indeed be held silently. Against my desires to share the wealth of knowledge we stole from our unknown visitors, I must hold firm to the decisions that those before me made. The truth must remain a secret. This I now understand.