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My complete and utter boredom with Syfy’s Caprica has apparently become so overwhelming that I’m finding it difficult to generate enough venom to crank out one of my patented scathing reviews. [Deep breath.] Okay, here goes…

I originally had high hopes for Caprica, it’s got a great pedigree. Battlestar Galactica still stands as a benchmark for what can be achieved by a science fiction drama. Even when the story went in directions that I didn’t care for I was still enthralled by the great performances and solid scripting. This prequel, however, has given me nothing to get excited about. cliched characters (the grieving parents, the minority trying to make it in a discriminating world, the scientist who goes too far), melodramatic performances, and uninspired plotlines have kept me horrifically bored for six episodes now.

I’ve continued watching in the hope that things will improve. Instead I’m left with a laundry list of complaints: I don’t care for the Tamara as Neo storyline. I don’t care if Zoe was or wasn’t a terrorist. I don’t care if young Admiral Adama skipped school to hang out with his gangster uncle. What I would like to know is why a society that has interplanetary travel, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality seems to be stuck in the technological and fashion equivalent of the 1950s. I’m irritated that the story behind the Cylon revolution (artificially intelligent robots that rise up against their human masters) has been changed—it’s now started by a petulant teenager stuck in a robot’s body. I do not believe Zoe as the troubled teenager/religious cultist/genius computer programmer (I have no criticism of the actress, I just think the writers have tried to hinge way too much on a single character). And I most definitely do not like the fact that the show is scripted and directed as if it were a soap opera. Creator Ron Moore has even bragged about that, going so far as to compare the show to Dallas. This is supposed to be a good thing?!

Hey, look—I found my venom!

Bottom line? I fell asleep watching the latest episode and couldn’t even muster up enough interest to hit replay on the DVR to see what I missed. Delete.


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