Television Review: Grimm

Grimmby Michael D. Pederson



Could someone please tell me who exactly is watching this show and how I can make them stop? Grimm (although currently on hiatus during the new winter rollouts) has recently been given the green light for a full season of episodes.

Grimm is (in our genre’s language) an urban fantasy; in tv-speak it’s a “procedural with fantasy elements”. In my opinion, it fails miserably as both a cop show and as a fantasy show. The premise: Grimms serve as protectors that keep normal people safe from fairytale monsters that pervade our world. Admittedly, not a bad premise. Sadly, the show completely fails to deliver on the promise of the setup.

Seven episodes in to the season, and I have yet to find something to compliment them on. I do have lots of problems to discuss though. Let’s start with bad police work. In the very first episode the Portland police department fails to investigate a block of woods near where a girl disappeared simply because she told her mom she would stay on the sidewalk. In the same episode our hero goes to great lengths to sneak up on the suspect’s house and then knocks on his door (sneak, sneak, sneak… Here I am!). At this point I’ve lost track of the number of illegal searches our hero has performed. And how come every single case he is assigned has a supernatural twist? What a coincidence! Secondary characters (partner, boss, girlfriend) have all been presented as two-dimensional cliches so far. Stories simply insult the viewers intelligence. And the digitally superimposed effects are clumsy at best. Someone please make this show go away.


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