That Office Sci-Fi Dork

That Office Sci-Fi Dork

Illustration by J. Andrew World

by Christopher Shawn Jones


There’s a man at my work with the indelible quirk
of gravitating where he is least wanted
His head’s like an orb and his mind has absorbed
the trivia that most other minds shunted
He speaks of Star Wars until others it bores
And that Tron is a flick well worth seeing
When asked about tazers, lasers, and phasers
His retort is his reason for being
He talks of scifi with a twinkling eye
Star Trek his conversational aperitif
He knows Spock from his Spork and though he’s a dork
He’ll never turn over a new leaf
He’ll just babble on about Babylon
5 and other shows I’d rather not mention
And though a disbeliever I’d call every receiver
just to beam me up past his attention.


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